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Mergers & Acquisitions

Our firm provides consulting services for companies looking to grow through mergers, acquisitions or other strategic alliances.

We assist in setting strategic objectives for companies recently acquired or sold, and assist in integrating new additions into a unified corporate structure and strategy. We have been successfully involved in mergers, acquisitions and sales of companies on behalf of European, American and Japanese clients. We seek to become an extension of the client, complementing and strengthening the company’s skill and management resources during the critical time of a merger or acquisition.

There are six steps we follow in most merger and acquisition cases:


Analysis and Definition of Client Strategy

Our consultants work with clients to get a full understanding and if necessary, to refine a client’s corporate strategy and objectives.

This entails a review of weaknesses as well as a study of the new dimensions presented by a merger or acquisition program. From these discussions, an appropriate acquisition strategy is determined.


Confidential Industry Screening and Evaluation

The most promising acquisition or merger candidates are identified. Key executives within the industry are interviewed to obtain balanced perspectives on potential target companies. Companies that might be open to approach are further evaluated.

The client and our lead consultant then thoroughly review the findings before any approach is made.


Approach to Target

Through confidential contacts that completely protect the identity of the client, selected merger or acquisition targets are approached. Multiple contacts may be phased in over time to avoid disturbing narrow industrial or geographic markets. Detailed financial analyses of closely held private companies are normally subcontracted to major accounting firms and appropriate legal counsel is retained. We can assist in providing legal counsel if desired.


Selection of Target

If several opportunities are available, we assist the client in developing a detailed and objective review of each company’s advantages and disadvantages bases on previously agreed strategy and specifications.



We work with the client and the client’s advisers during the negotiation process. Having conducted the initial discussions, we are often a useful liaison between the client and the target company. Our expertise in human resource management is frequently beneficial during the negotiation process.


Intergration of the Acquired Company

We assist in the integration of the acquired company and in creating new structural relationships. We provide counsel in management development or conduct a management audit to highlight human resource strengths and weaknesses.