We consider our size an asset. We are large enough to undertake the most sophisticated and complicated assignments.

Executive Search

The philosophy of our firm is that executive search is problem solving, and the problem is matching executive talent with a management need. Executives who make a long-term commitment to an organization can be the crucial ingredient in a successful business strategy.

Our approach to executive search involves thoroughly understanding the requirements of the client company.

In executing an assignment for our clients we follow nine proven steps:


Client Consultation and Problem Analysis

When we accept an executive search assignment, our goal is to learn as much as possible about our client’s company and its business.

We are interested in more than simply the company’s products and processes; we want to know about the company’s business culture and strategy. We want to gain a first-hand appreciation of both the qualifications and character a candidate must have to fit comfortably within an organization.


Development of Formal Specifications

On the basis of our initial meeting, we prepare a written description of our client’s requirements in the form of specifications or position description. This document describes the ideal candidate as well as the scope of responsibilities and qualifications needed.

When accepted by the client, these descriptions serve as the basis for the search assignment.


Search Strategy and Research

Research provides our consultants with important resources for identifying the best candidates. Assisted by our database, we then collect information on potential candidates from public sources and our own international network of industry contacts.


Sourcing and Interviewing

Our extensive network of industry sources, current and former clients and past candidates can often recommend or provide evaluations of prospective candidates. From these and other sources, we develop a substantial group of potential candidates.

Selected candidates who meet the general specifications are then interviewed personally by one or more members of our firm to access their qualifications and interest in the available position. The identity of the client may be withheld until an agreed-upon stage in the interview process.


Presentation of Candidates

Generally, few potential candidates meet the tightly drawn specifications. Those who do are presented to the client in confidential reports that provide a thorough review of their previous work and accomplishments.

We also provide our analysis and appraisal of the candidates' attributes and shortcomings. In most cases, this result in three to six well-qualified candidates.


Client interview

After the written presentation, we arrange for meetings between candidates and clients. In many cases, we recommend our presence, particularly in international assignments where misinterpretations are more likely to occur.

Our presence may enable us further to refine our understanding of requirements of both the client and the candidate and permits us to identify reservations on either part.


Reference Check

When final candidates are selected and mutual interest established, we conduct extensive reference checks. We decide in consultation with the client how the reference check will be conducted.

Our emphasis in the process is to verify educational and employment background, to check dates of previous experience and to acquire an overall assessment of management skills. We check with references provided by the candidate as well as with other individuals not suggested. Our reports on these personal references are then thoroughly reviewed with the client.



We can provide considerable assistance during hiring negotiations, offering our experience in structuring compensation packages to generate a prompt and favorable decision.

During these discussions, we feel responsible to our client and to the candidate, whose long-term interests must eventually be synonymous with those of the client.



Although the search process ends with the acceptance of an offer, our involvement continues for an indefinite period.

We remain in contact with the client and candidate to help work out any problems or misunderstanding that may arise.