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Executive Resource Management

Competitive advantage in any industry reflects effective personnel management. Skilled and well-motivated executives are often more important in today’s global markets than manufacturing capacity, distribution channels or even patents.

Our firm assists its clients in the implementation of effective methods of attract, develop and manage their executive resources. We formulate management guidelines and compensation policies that help integrate managerial personnel into an effective and focused organization.

Our firm has assisted numerous clients in the evolution from outmoded personnel administration to effective human resource management, with full consideration of the company’s strategic plan.

We have designed and introduced systematic methods for:

  • succession planning and management development along documented career paths
  • identification and analysis of in-house executive potential
  • recruiting programs in competitive domestic and international markets
  • performance related compensation

Our consultants team up with senior client staff and form temporary task forces. They diagnose a company’s existing situation, develop specific recommendations and implement the necessary action programs aimed at enhancing the company’s executive resource management capabilities.

Our client teams analyse strengths and weaknesses of an organization’s human resource management practice. Frequently, personnel management lacks the systems support to communicate effectively with top management. Top executive may be unaware of existing talents. High potential managers may leave on short notice and early warning systems that would alert top management to impending problems are often missing. Decision-making on human resources, under such circumstances, is cumbersome and may produce poor results.