Clients come first. People, knowledge, experience and reputation are our most important assets.

Our firm

Our firm is an management consulting organization. Our primary goals are to bring professional and lasting solutions to our clients' management problems and to help them seize new business and technological opportunities.

Committed to pragmatic and long-term problem solving, we make certain our professional services fit into our clients' strategy and contribute to the achievement of their goals. Assignments are accepted only when we are confident that we can render useful service.

Professional Standards, Ethics and Fees

We are committed to the highest standards of professional integrity. Information on our clients or candidates is held in strictest confidence. Their identities are never disclosed without their permission.

Assignments are accepted solely on a professional fee basis, never for a contingency fee. Fees are received only from client companies and never from candidates. Moreover, we limit the number of clients in each market sector, and we never approach or accept inquiries from executives of client companies unless prior approval is obtained.

Professional Staff

The key to our succes is a personal commitment to provide the best possible service to our clients.

The broad experience of our staff enhances our ability to understand clients' needs and also provides the contacts required to conduct a successful search for leading executives. We always work as a team.

The depth of our consultants' skills, coupled with our resource and research capabilities, creates a valuable pool of knowledge and experience for our clients. Our one-firm concept binds us together and enables us to offer our combined talents wherever they can be useful to out clients.